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For over 30 years, 1st PMF Bancorp has been a family run commercial bank lender specializing in invoice factoring as well customized lending program for small to medium size businesses. What is invoice factoring? It is where PMF Bancorp purchases a commercial invoice(s) for cash so your business has the working capital it needs to operate instead of your company having to wait 30 to 90 days for payment. PMF is different from a typical factoring company because we can also provide loans, trade finance, equipment finance, credit insurance, and also work with your international clients to create customized financial solution that fits your needs. Invoice factoring is one of the most powerful working capital solutions a small business can use to increase its cash flow and sales. By unlocking cash flow, your business can actually build better credit and receive discounts through its suppliers. A good factoring company should not be thought of as a cost center, but rather an engine for business to drive sales and source for increasing new accounts receivables for your company.


About PMF Bancorp™

A U.S. based commercial bank lender specializing in customized factoring invoice and trade financing programs as a direct lender.  As a leading factoring company, PMF Bancorp has funded 1000s of companies over three decades as a second generation family run lender. Invoice factoring is our specialty, but we also provide accounts receivable management and other useful invoice factoring solutions… i.e. an international Letter of Credit Desk, Credit Insurance Program, Foreign invoice factoring Program, our Supply Chain Plus Financing Program™ and more.

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Providing working capital quickly for companies that want to maintain their sales momentum and need to grow with confidence.

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Providing a complete portfolio of credit management services from credit reports to credit advisory and mitigation strategies for domestic as well as global transactions.

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